6 tips for your digital spring-cleaning

February 27, 2017

Here are 6 tips to help you with your digital spring cleaning. 🙂 Enjoy!

If you are anything as a digital enthusiast you probably like to take lots of pictures, download music, write down ideas in docs and bookmark links. And these things tend to pile up, resulting in folders named “stuff” and a chaotic desktop.

Thing is that just like with physical cluttering, digital cluttering can decrease productivity and spirits. It can slowly crash your computer and make it almost impossible to find what you need, when you need it. And the thought of spending a few hours organizing folders isn’t very appealing. It’s ok, we get it.

That’s why this article will offer a few simple tips on how to make your digital life a little bit more organized and give you a fresh, streamlined workspace.

  1. It’s time to organize your email

Go through your email and create folders, project based. This way you will make sure you won’t forget to answer an email because it got out of sight. Triage email daily and respond to whatever you think is time sensitive.

Unsubscribe to all those blogs and newsletters you don’t read anymore and keep your inbox nice and neat. This way you can determine what’s important and what is not.

More information about using folders and labels to organize Gmail, here.

  1. File your documents

Start with your Google drive, Dropbox and hard drive and make a list of items you have there, by category. Assess what you have and then determine what needs to go. File or delete everything you no longer need. And most importantly…try to resist the “just-in-case” syndrome.

Go through your photos and videos and delete anything useless. Yes, I’m talking about all those selfies gone bad. Organize photos and videos in folders by dates and events and make sure to back them up somewhere in case something happens to your computer.

  3. Curate your digital image and accounts 

Remember those old…5 blogs you started 5 years ago? It’s time to look back to them, as well as all your social media and digital accounts and get rid of those who don’t represent who you are, in the online landscape. Try to keep your newsletters, websites and communities accounts in useful order, as well. 

  4. Cleanse social media

Make a habit out of keeping your social media neat. Don’t get stuck up in a never ending feed with information that you don’t care about. De-friend or unfollow people you don’t know and unsubscribe to pages that don’t interest you. This will give you a relevant news feed and keep you properly updated.

  1. Manage your apps

Delete apps you installed in your phone but almost never used. They are taking up a lot of space in your phone. If in doubt, ask yourself if you used that app in the last few months. This will answer your question whether or not you actually need it.

  1. Keep a zen Desktop

Just like a clean desk helps you get to work and focus better, so does a clean desktop. Clean up shortcuts and files and find a minimalist background that won’t distract you.

Do the same with Bookmarks. Clean your browser window by organizing bookmarked links. Save only what you need. You might want to look into apps like Evernote or Pocket.

Do you have any tips or tools to keep yourself organized? Don’t keep them for yourself! 🙂

Stay neat and happy cleaning!

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