Are you happy with your job? Find out from the Happy Test of our latest creative campaign

October 11, 2016

Past research has found that there’s a tight connection between happiness and productivity, retention and performance in the workplace.

But going beyond studies, one of the main interests of every living thing is to be happy. And that means happy at work too. And happiness, as abstract as it might sound, is the thing that gives us the energy and the courage to live life to the fullest. To take risks for the things that we believe in. The source of that happiness is our passion for what we do, our growth and impact, the honesty of our choices and the balance we create between our jobs and personal lives.

Based on this insight, we crafted the latest eJobs brand campaign under the daring but meaningful concept of #HappylaJob: a digitally driven initiative to measure and grow people’s level of joy and motivation at work.

Part of a strategic marketing aim of raising awareness on the importance of happiness at work in Romania, the campaign asks a bigger question that affects many decisions, attitudes and actions in the everyday life: Are you happy? Do you love what you do?


“We are defined by our experience in the dynamic Romanian work environment and our position of leadership as a recruitment platform. This led us to the decision to ask – through our latest brand campaign – a simple yet essential question that most people don’t have the courage to answer honestly : am I happy? 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that we are happy with ourselves. Because happiness is a good indicator of performance, creativity and success. This campaign is a new chapter of our company’s mission to be a proactive endorser of real people connections and an overall positive professional experience.” said Andrei Frunza, the CEO of eJobs.

The campaign started as a video experiment : 20 people of various ages and professional backgrounds were invited to a spontaneous interview on the topic of happiness and it’s main traits: passion, balance, honesty, impact and evolution. The results of this action kickstarted the campaign, having as a central point of interest an interactive platform that allow visitors to measure their level of happiness at work.

#HappylaJob is a statement campaign and it is shaped by the voices of the people that are a part of it. The bigger communication aim is to bring more happiness at work and beyond; to make people understand that happiness depends on each and every one of us and the choices we make everyday. The recipe for happiness is secret, but the ingredients are available for everyone.

Through the activities included in the marketing mix of this campaign, we bring these ingredients to life with emotion and optimism. We know that happiness is a sensitive topic but it’s also a very important one. We assume the initiative to measure and raise the level of happiness at work in Romania, as part of our marketing and communication vision for the next period.” Laura Chiculita, Marketing Manager eJobs.


”The opening and the enthusiasm that the eJobs team showed for our ideas gave us all the confidence that we can make out of the #HappyLaJob campaign a manifest that can change the way people look at happiness in the workplace. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. And sometimes, in this journey we need to ask some uncomfortable questions and steer ourselves in the right direction.

We need to evaluate ourselves constantly and see where we are compared to where we want to be. From now on, the eJobs platform is where we will launch creative ideas and initiatives with the purpose of raising the happiness levels at the workplace. Ioana Barbu, Chief Marketing Officer 4ideas agency.

So tell us:

Are you passionate about what you do?

Do you feel like you have an impact on the people and the world around you?

Can you say that you learn something new everyday?

Have you found the perfect, or almost perfect balance between work and personal life?

Can you answer honestly to the question : Am I happy?

We can. And we hope you can too.

If you’re still not sure, measure your happiness on and share your score with us. Maybe we can help with some tips.

A few things about eJobs :

Founded in 1999, eJobs is the first online recruitment platform launched in Romania. It is currently used by 3,3 million people and it offers access to a wide range of job openings in some of the most important companies in the country.

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