Best Christmas Campaigns in 2016

December 23, 2016

OK, Santa is almost here, but his presence is felt since november, through all the heartwarming and funny campaigns. We decided the best gift we can give you is the best Christmas Campaigns from this winter. Let’s start!
1. Wes Anderson’s H&M ad including Adrien Brody
More like a short film, this and is made in a train and shows in a really detailed Anderson way the surprise the train conductor (Adrien Brody) and his crew prepare for the passengers on Christmas. But better see it yourself:

2. Heathrow Airport and the Old Teddy Bears
Christmas is about seeing your family, but traveling is the least pleasant thing (after shopping). These two old teddy bears is the perfect way to see the happiness of being with your loved ones on holidays.

3. The John Lewis Christmas Ad
#BusterTheBoxer is the one melt your heart until you cry and you have to admit it. With no other introduction, the John Lewis Christmas Ad

But wait! This year, a student made a John Lewis ad that was so good, we believed it is the original one.

4. Amazon’s Touching Interfaith Ad
Holidays make us better and this Amazon ad shows us that even though we are different, we can always be good with each other. In this video, a vicar and a imam united by friendship and the same all-too-common discomfort.

5. Santa Forgot – Alzheimer’s Research UK
What if Santa forgot about you? What if he forgot your name and what you wish for Christmas? In this ad, elves turn into little researchers to fight against Alzheimer.

6. Our Guilty Pleasure
It’s food and it’s chocolate. But with Godiva’s new chocolate box, you can share and share and share… 4 times, actually. This can be the best gift to keep and give at the same time.

These being said and shown, we wish you a Merry Christmas with a lot of food and happiness shared with the dear ones.

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