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November 21, 2017

The world and the world of marketing are changing with a faster pace than ever. The consumer no longer has the patience & time for ordinary ads, commercial non-engagement and too much offline brand related work. By 2020, customer experience will be the deciding factor over price and product across all industries. Unique customer experiences are popping up all over and one out of five users believe that in 5 years VR and AI will be hardly distinguishable from actual reality.

We at Bright, see VR as a way to transform space and time magically, therefore we envision many ways in which companies and end customers can benefit from this fresh technology. VR is a symbol of plenty and an exciting new medium of communication. Our goal is to advocate this belief and this potential and to bring it to mainstream.

Therefore, we’re proud to be invited to attend at yet another VR & technology event, which is to be held at Renault HQ in Bucharest between 21-22 of November. Groupe Renault is an automobile manufacturer since 1898 and it is currently present in 127 countries, selling more than 3.5 M automobiles. Groupe Renault Romania is the only company that integrates all the specific activities that come with automobile manufacturing, which lead to a boosted and sustained economic performance.

The event is dedicated to the Groupe Renault employees and consists of a numerous activities such as: experimenting with 3D printers, the Renault F1 Simulator, new robotics technologies and the VR experience created by Bright Agency. From new and innovative ways to approach older industries and products, to integrating the technology of the future in our everyday life, we are expecting to see everything the event has to offer.


More about Bright

We are the Bright Agency. We are a product – oriented digitally driven company. We  have taken on the mission of delivering innovative digital experiences for the brands we work with. Our firm belief is in the power of excellency and we know what great looks like, it’s Bright. Being highly passionate about what we do we want to develop lasting partnerships with visionary and innovative people who have come to the understanding that digital has changed advertising for good and for the better.

The solutions we propose for brands include:

Strategy: UX Audit, User experience analysis & Strategy, Content Architecture & Wireframing, E-commerce Development Strategy, Digital Development Consultancy

Creativity: UI Design, Branding, Graphic Design, 3D Modelling, Texturing & Render, Computer Generated Interface (CGI)

Technology: Mobile Apps, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR)

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Stay Bright, enjoy VR!

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