Key Takeaways from Internet and Mobile World 2016

October 10, 2016

I am digital savvy and I always crave for more. That’s a fact. That is why, even when I  take breaks from work, I go look for things to help me thrive in my digital everyday. Last week for instance you could find me roaming around in the largest B2B expo-conference for IT & digital solutions in Bucharest: Internet & Mobile World.


After visiting all the booths, testing the gadgets and networking with event exhibitors, I found inspiration in the Marketing & Innovation area. Here I came to listen to Thomas Moen (Norwegian marketer, writer and entrepreneur) speak about influencer marketing. The main topic debated was: is influencer marketing just a new bulls**t marketing buzzword? As i recently researched this topic, I was curious to hear about what he had to say. Can we successfully resonate with target audiences through influencers? Are they someone that customers can relate to more easily? Is influencer marketing more easily absorbed by large audiences?

Answer is yes. And Thomas pointed out they main reasons why:

  • The principle of Reciprocation is based on our human tendency to mirror behaviour. A basic example of this principle is returning a compliment, or responding to a person’s action, statement or emotion in a very similar way.
  • The principle of Consistency says that people will go to great lengths to appear consistent in words and actions. Even more, they look for inspiration in people that do so.
  • Authority. We perceive famous people and experts as authority. Because there must be a reason why people listen for what they have to say. Right?
  • Liking is pretty much the most basic. If people like a person, they will trust their advice. They will say yes to any request if they feel a connection to the person making it.
  • The principle of Scarcity states that people are very motivated by the thought that they could lose something. This can be easily applied by suggesting that products or low prices might be gone soon.

More advice from Thomas

When trying out an influencer marketing strategy, the most important thing is:

  • To be confident and try not to look like a dumbass
  • Always create native content fit for each and every social media platform
  • Always know your numbers and goals
  • Use storytelling
  • It’s not about the product, it’s about the story

Next, on the workshop called “Never run out of persuasive content ideas” held by the UK’s first Doctor in Social media, and digital behavioural scientist (fancy title, i know)  Dr Jillian Ney, i had a blast with some social media humor. “What do we want? CLICKBAIT. When do we want it? The answer will shock you!”


Jillian shared some tips on how to keep audiences engaged by inspiring, provoking and entertaining them. As she mentioned, attention is the single most important asset in our digital journeys. And particularly because our attention span lasts for about 9 second, we need to learn to use them properly. She explained some ways to do it:

  • Lifecasting. This means showing customers or potential customers people just like them who use a brand as they would or as they already do.
  • Heuristics. Use the content to show more details from the brand universe. How can I use this product? How is it making my life better/easier?
  • Experience. Highlight where my content can bring value to my audiences and where it can meet their needs.

More takeaways:

  • Increase empathy with your audience through your content
  • Solve your audiences burning pains through your content
  • Show common brand usages to increase desire
  • Make communications simple and easy to process
  • Don’t try to remake the wheel

So what are the main tools that help us tailor our digital everythings and everydays? Just keep an eye out. There are plenty of very smart people looking to share their knowledge. And even more resources in this crazy abundant world that we call the Internet.

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