Real Shoes for the Real You: Bright project for Salamander Romania

July 26, 2017
2017 is a year in which many individuals are prompted upon a deeper exploration of the self. In the age of social media, we are given the opportunity to create and represent our identities in different ways. But how often do we get to reconnect to our real, true self?

As social networks become increasingly integrated in our everyday life, the line between our real self and online self can become blurry and affect self-perception. Far from the idealized digital version of the self, our latest creative digital campaign for Salamander Romania, endorses the acceptance of our true nature, everyday.

With the objective to create a clear and vivid image of the new Salamander collection and strengthen realness as a core value of the brand, the Salamander Real Shoes for the Real You concept was born. The campaign speaks about the authentic style and choices that people make everyday.

To help us showcase the latest Salamander collection, we carefully selected key influencers and their friends from Bucharest’s main passion-based communities and invited them for a photo shooting. The whole idea was to let “models” express their real self: unruly, imperfect, human. The simplicity of the shooting concept creates a genuine and relatable feel that speaks to a wide audience.

The campaign landing page presents the story of the real communities of Bucharest and their leaders, what #RealShoes mean to them and what it take to live everyday as the complete and utter #RealYou.

Here are some key shots from the photo shooting:

Cristian Florea, blogger and owner of #casastiti

Mia Munteanu, founder of Yoga City

Sabina Cornovac online community

Stefania Grajdeanu, founder of BikeChic

Discover the latest collection and the awesome stories of the communities here:

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And last but not least, stay real! 🙂

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