Weekly digital bites, episode 10: news, trends & wisdom

August 01, 2016

This week’s digital bites explore ways of mixing the old and the new to create timeless and amazing creative work.  The classical Spreadsheet becomes a work of art, brand logos mix classicism and futurism and old content is repurposed, retargeted, recycled. 


Watch how Apple is making more money per second than you probably make in a year. Haha 🙂

With the insight that most people are likely to break out a cold sweat when having to deal with Spreadsheets, Google turned them into art. With the help of two artists, the boring but necessary Spreadsheets were used to create a beautiful mural. More about this story here.  



To make the best out of a trend you need to get from idea generation to deployment as fast as possible. Novelty lettering, smart use of negative space and geometric shapes are just three of the hottest styles used in logo design right now. What’s so awesome about them? If done right, they are potentially timeless.

With the sea breeze being the main theme in the last weeks, we discovered a few refreshing landing page design templates to make your sea-lust go wild. Check them out.

Did you know that 26% of all websites are build in WordPress? And what makes it truly awesome is the fact that it is very customisable and easy to use. This article by Creative Bloq showcases 20 brilliant tutorials for everyone interested to learn more about it.



These are some of the best social media marketing campaigns this year. Which one is your favourite?

Instagram is a new horn of plenty for online advertising, with 500 million users and awesome niche targeting opportunities. If you haven’t started using Instagram for your business yet, check out this step-by-step guide to help you get started.

What else is new under the social media sun? Reddit released a feature that lets brands promote user posts, Tumblr launches ads and announces monetization features and Twitter rolls out its own stickers. Find out more here.


Yes, you can breathe new life into old content. As columnist Tamar Weinberg explains, it is indeed important to have new material on a regular basis, but also to try and make the most out of your older content assets. Take advantage of your evergreens and maximize the life cycle of content by recycling, repurposing and retargeting.

Exciting news from Medium! They are currently developing a platform that will connect content creators with brands. The beta version is developed exclusively for writers, but in the future Medium hopes to extend the program for other multimedia creators like photographers, illustrators, graphic novelists and so on. Read more about the development of this feature here.


Influencer marketing has been and still is on the rise, with more and more celebs and personalities providing content and exposure for brands. This offers the opportunity to create content in a natural voice that connects best with the target audience. Key is to stay subtle and maintain quality.

Have a productive week, and keep in mind : the old stuff is not always to be thrown away. 🙂


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