Weekly digital bites, episode 11: news, trends & wisdom

August 10, 2016

What a day, what a lovely summer day! Enjoy the season treats, the happy holiday faces around you and have a bite of our latest juicy digital news.


Real life is soooo yesterday, Britain scientists would say.  Look at this guy who’s cycling the length of Britain while sitting in his living room with a pair of VR glasses. Or at this cute dolphin reminding that girl how to use iPad as a camera.

Do you fantasize sometimes about being a cyborg? Then why won’t you become one? Now you can have the sixth sense without any chemicals in your body. Cyborg Nest body hackers created the first product called North Sense, a miniature wearable chip that looks like a piercing and allows you to feel the world in a totally different way.


Flash must disappear, Google says. Nooo, it’s not the superhero from the comic books, it’s his Adobe alter-ego 😉 … which will appear by the end of the year. Starting from September, Chrome will block Adobe Flash elements that run in the background.

You’ve just started working on a new “possible cool” landing page? Use these techniques to make sure that will bring you the expected results. And DON’T use this old school tools if you really want to keep it cool.

Working on clouds? See how to manage apple devices in a brilliant way.


Once again, powerful stakeholders use the latest innovations to gain control over the market. See what Instagram did to Snapchat. If it was too difficult for you to learn how to use Snapchat, maybe you should stick to Instagram and  try their latest feature. Keep in mind that you will be missing all the fun filters, the facial recognition tool,  memories feature and stickers in Stories which are still a Snapchat thing 😉

It was about time that Twitter changed his “number of followers algorithm” to show the stories on the social feed with more relevant, quantified data and genuine engagement metric. Find out more about it.

LinkedIn has come to life with the introduction of 30-second videos from Influencers. See Guy Kawasaki, Mike Feinberg and other digital gurus talking about what we love the most – the Online Revolution.


Write a headline about how hard can be sometimes to write a good headline. Now read it loudly. Is it  good enough? If it’s not, see how to make it better and easier with these tips.

Still using direct marketing to sell your products? Don’t listen to the others, the strategy is working very well, but you might need some… fresh ideas.

That’s all for today, folks! Now let’s go and Instagram some stories using those cool snapchat-like tools! 😀

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