Weekly digital bites, episode 12: news, trends & wisdom

August 18, 2016

Love is a variety of different good feelings & news, funny moments, blooms of creativity and the safety of having the proper tools to master your creative work… Oh, wait. I’m talking about this week’s digital bites.



Words of wisdom to live by, from Google with love. What is your personal favorite? Ours is “Great just isn’t good enough”. Second favorite? “Focus on the user and all else will follow” 🙂

The new VR set from Intel allows complete freedom of movement. Yes, you heard right. No wires, no external sensors and controllers for moving and interacting with the environment. Read more about this here.


The client-agency interaction has its perks and funny moments. Jonathan Quintin, creative director of a UK creative agency decided to turn some of these moments in a series of posters that will surely make you grin with empathy.

Get a taste from the latest goodies in the design & dev goodie drawer. Web Designer Depot stashed it with productivity apps, UI kits, CMSs, startup resources, color tools, mobile apps, website building tools, graphic design apps and much more.

Your average web page was split into pieces by the Romanian front end developer Catalin Rosu and his team. After digging up a ton of data about the HTML content of websites, they came up with some fascinating stats. Check them out.  


What makes Linkedin so loveable? First of all, it is the largest professional social network from them all. It’s a brilliant tool for personal & professional branding. When someone Googles you, the Linkedin profile is most likely to appear the first, so make sure to update it asap. If you need more convincing, check out this article.

Here’s yet another update from Facebook. The new ad preferences allow you to select the types of ads you would like to see, making the news feed more relevant and engaging. Win win for both users and marketers.

Yes, yes. We know. You love Snapchat, we love Snapchat and so does everybody else. Can it be used to engage with your fans/customers/target audience? Damn straigh! Check out some content ideas that will bring out the best in this platform.



It’s such a great time to fall in love. Take advantage of this and make your readers fall in love with your writing. Let the red poppy of creativity bloom in a sea of grey content. Or… you know, inspire your readers with your messages. 🙂

What does it take to create award-winning content? Fresh, unfamiliar insights & ideas and some good ol’ fashioned risk taking. Or, as Jon Krantz from Content Marketing Institute would say, “if an idea doesn’t make you at least a little nervous, it’s probably not worth pursuing” – just like most things in life.

Have a lovely week everyone!

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