Weekly digital bites, episode 14: news, trends & wisdom

September 07, 2016

You are the apple of my eye! When you hear this, you can instantly imagine someone declaring love to their mobile phone. Find out about the latest trends & news in the mobile, internet, design, dev and social media world, from our weekly digital bites.


It is a fact. Our digital attention has migrated from big screens to mobiles, and there is no going back. Desktop only gets about 32% our our attention while smartphones constitute 68% of all digital media. More stats here.

And speaking of attention, there are some good ways to cut through the noise that is trying to reach the customer’s ear. One of them is through branding. And that is – smarter branding, not louder.

Have you ever wondered how does a digital trend emerge? Nowadays, with social listening tools, it has become way easier to detect future consumer expectations. Everything you do online leaves a digital footprint that can help understand emerging habits and trends. More on this topic, here.



Magento 2 is out for a while now. Did you check it out yet? Here’s a tutorial on how to create a basic module that will say “Hello world!” in the block content on a custom frontend route. Have fun with it!

Great news for those of you using UXpin. Now, Google Fonts are integrated in the platform, giving access to dozens of type families that will boost your online designs. Find out more here.

There is a fine line between offering people useful information and spamming them with pop-up ads they don’t want to see. But there are some push notifications that users will actually enjoy.

And there are more resources we’d like you to know about. Here’s  a selection of  free stuff for designers that features fonts, icons, brushes, templates and tools to make your life a tad easier and your work a little more fun.



Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Twitter are very broad social networks. But you will be surprised to hear that there are a lot of very specific, niche, passion-based social networks out there. Check them out. You might just find something that will catch your eye.

Hashtags have become business as usual across all social media platforms. And depending on what you are trying to say, they canprovide huge benefits in your campaign. Secret is not to overuse them, keep them catchy, positive, actionable and inspiring. Check out this article for more tips and tricks.


“In terms of businesses marketing, blogs aren’t just having a moment, they’re becoming critical to marketing efforts”. And fairly speaking, any business can make good use of a proper blog. It’s a conversation starter with customers and potential customers. Besides, quality content results in increased trust which eventually results in more sales, data shows.

Content that gets shared. The apple of every marketer’s eye. But if shares is what you’re after we have some bad news. Studies have found that the average piece of content gets “depressingly few shares”. But don’t be discouraged. Here’s some tricks to making your content more shareable and 5 methods that will take your content marketing from good to great.

That’s it for now. Have a positive & productive week!

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