Weekly digital bites, episode 15: news, trends & wisdom

September 28, 2016

This week’s recipe is about cooperation. Diversity in the workplace, handling tight deadlines and minimizing risks are just some of the things on the shopping list.


Easy never meant performant. Recent studies show that working in teams that have gender or/and racial diversity generate more revenue, have more customers and overall a greater profit. Diversity produces better business outcomes particularly because it’s more difficult and it takes advantage on very different points of view. 

Happy Birthday to Google. This week, the world’s favourite search engine just turned into a proper grown up. Cheers to you, Google – the one who has answers for every little silly question we might have, who always guides us when we’re lost, who helps us in gaining knowledge on the go and makes our lives easier. 

And speaking about making our life easier, Google announced its intention of making Wi-Fi available in public places all over the world. Read about this plan here.



One of the trickiest part of any design job is meeting the customer’s expectations. It is not impossible, though. Get inspired by this year’s Innovation by Design Awards winners and find out about the secret ingredients used to take UX to a new level.

When it comes to the relationship between designers and developers, it can be hard to keep everyone happy. Here’s a everyday guide on design & dev collaboration that will help you make sure that collaboration doesn’t get catastrophic, even when dealing with tight deadlines.

Thief, pirate or rebel with a cause? The modern Robin Hood can make your company cost a lot of money from one single attack. Hackers are carrying a great power to do harm. You are never safe, but this article shows some tips on how to minimize the risk of being hacked.



Messenger Platform v1.2 gives you more of everything. Now, you have more ways to share, more ways to buy and more UI elements for developers. Facebook is also simplifying the payment and checkout experience. Find out about these updates in this article.

Why do people hate digital advertising? Some of the reasons are that they find it annoying, intrusive, it disrupts online activities and raise security concerns. Despite these reasons, there still are ways to engage. Find out about some of them here.



Sometimes, in the process of content writing, it can get difficult to keep things spiced up. Find out from this article, how you can bring some variety to your blog post and keep your audience coming back for more.

We like this word very much. It’s very nice, very useful. But it can also be very bad. And very annoying. Very can be a tricky word and it can get frustrating to avoid . But don’t despair. Here’s a fun list of other words you can use instead.

What stands at the heart of collaborative content? Here’s some advice on getting it just right. Secret is that content centric strategies need to be prepared from the very start.


This is it for now. Team up and rock this week’s projects!


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