Weekly digital bites, episode 16: news, trends & wisdom

October 05, 2016

It’s a good time to be alive in the digital world. Amazing tools are coming to life overnight, search engines and social media are making a whole deal of progress. There’s no place to go but further. Take a look at this week’s highlights.  


This week is a good one for the digital world of Bucharest. Internet and Mobile World Expo just started, bringing together four important areas : Enterprise Solutions, Security & Infrastructure, Devices & IOT and Digital & Ecommerce. Meet us there!

Incognito mode for IOS, more privacy and security in the latest Google App. Check it out. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store.


In our digital journeys we aim to please. We want to create and see more beautiful examples of web design. If the purpose of art is to inform and delight, we believe that the purpose of digital graphics is similar.  

And speaking of the art that is web design, there is a psychology behind it. Layouts, colors and typefaces – they all have a huge impact on the human brain and can lead to earned trust, positive reinforcement or, on the other hand, create negative emotions.


It’s pretty obvious that Facebook is squeezing itself into every aspect of our lives. The latest thing they came up with, Facebook Marketplace allows you to organize a garage sale without even having to put down your smartphone. Buy or sell, it’s a good idea used to recycle or upcycle things you no longer need.

With all the hype about targeting the right audience, millennial behaviors and new ways to communicate with them, we seem to forget about a big segment of the population. Seniors. They are increasingly active online and big brands showcase examples of how to efficiently engage them.


There are a few simple questions to ask yourself when crafting a headline : who will benefit from this content? How do I help them? What makes this content special? After answering these 3, you will have headlines flowing naturally. Read more on this topic here.

Is quality content no longer enough? As companies start to up their level with more and more compelling copy, users also raise their expectations and become very selective. How can we still engage with the huge amount of content at everyone’s disposal? Find out here.

That’s it for now. See you next week!

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