Weekly digital bites, episode 18: news, trends & wisdom

November 07, 2016

This week’s digital bites offer a feast of information, news and updates for all digital gourmands. We already have a great deal of things to look after in 2017, more exciting updates from most social media giants and lots of things to learn from the tastiest brands on the market. 


We knew it for a while now that mobile is king in the realm of digital information. And there is more and more research to prove it. From now on, there will be no further topics like “should companies have a mobile-first approach of their Internet services?”. At this point, mobile-first strategies are becoming mandatory. More on this topic here.

Check out the 9 hottest digital marketing stats from this week, here. Read about the Insta-Snapchat face off, what else is Zuckerberg preaching, how many millions is Facebook making and other fun stuff.

2017 is just around the corner and digital marketers everywhere are already looking forward to the fresh opportunities the new year will bring. We are expecting more tech and more ways to deliver for brands and engage customers. Other predictions here.


And having brought up the topic of mobile, Adobe Creative Cloud put together 12 tips on designing mobile interfaces. Decluttering, navigation made easy, making a great first impression and more here.

Futhermore, keep in mind that there are some things that one should never do in order to avoid their end product looking like a bad flyer from the 90s. Take a few minutes to watch this video and find out what are some of the most common mistakes people do in Photoshop.

This month’s statement in design is BOLD and the trending heroes are the color purple, giant buttons & geometric shapes in surprising combinations. Check them out.


“Instagram is moving further into the world of ecommerce by allowing brands to test taggable products in their photos.” The platform started testing organic posts that let different retail brands tag products for sale in photos that lead directly to the brand’s website. More about this update in this article.

Facebook has been upping its reviews and recommendations game, finding unique ways to get its users to share customer feedback and introducing a range of new features designed, it seems, to challenge today’s most popular online review sites. More about these updates here.

If you are online, you most probably heard about Tasty. Buzzfeed’s food porn has reached a global level and billions of views and comments everyday. Since its launch in 2015, its presence has exploded. In September 2016, Tasty’s main FB page was the third-biggest video account on facebook with nearly 1.7 billion views. Here’s some things that every business can learn from Tasty’s success.


“When you write content, your job is similar to someone standing on stage. Your readers are distracted and you have mere seconds to get their attention.” Here’s a few tips that will help you hook your readers from the first sentence.

What do you think of when you hear automation? Probably software development. But hear this out : the idea of content marketing automation is more actual than ever, and it’s time we took it seriously.

See you next week!

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