Weekly digital bites, episode 6: news, trends & wisdom

July 06, 2016

This week we take the next step to the future of games, technologies and digital strategies, a wonderful trip between the real and the virtual world. Are you ready to begin?


Hello, geeks! Did you find out about the augmented reality mobile game from Nintendo and developer Niantic Labs, Pokemon Go? It is already available on iOS and Andoid in selected countries.

VR, Bots, Artificial Intelligence…what’s next in Social Media Marketing? See here. Too much Science Fiction? Let’s land on Earth for a while and see what is already happening with the video content and live streaming.

One prefers Oreo for breakfast, the other one Cocoa Puffs, but this differences haven’t stop them build a 25 years billionaire bromance. Ladies and gents, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett!


Freshen up your sites! It is important to keep the roots of your clients, but what about trying new design techniques and new tools to get the best of it? Find out how.

Are you a front end developer? How about blowing away the cube and accept the CSS 3D challenge, the same way this guy did here?


Pinterest looks to Scale Search and will place more focus on expanding its keyword search and audience based buying offerings.

Snapchat lovers, did you know that there are some hidden hacks and features like even deleting Snaps from a Story? Learn how. And if you are a marketer asking yourself if Snapchat is a good strategy for your business, check these “cold, hard facts” about the platform before you start.

You control your experience. Or at least this is what Facebook points out with this new update.


What happens after you publish your first blog post? If you just started a blog, you might be thinking this is the end of the journey, but Neil Patel thinks otherwise. Check it out!

Have you just launched a website or just started working in Content Marketing? Then you probably heard something about SEO, but what exactly SEO is? Find out in only 60 seconds, here. If you’re up for more, discover the ultimate guide for keyword research.

Game over, folks! ‘Till next round, what about sharing some mobile games that are “glitching” your world every day? 🙂

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