Weekly digital bites, episode 7: news, trends & wisdom

July 12, 2016

Here’s yet another sneak peak in the magical realm of the digital. This week, the mystical creatures roaming around are : the mighty mobile and it’s instant content, UX unicorns, strategists and content wizards.


There’s a huge chance you are reading this on your mobile. But so is everyone else.  We’re so attached to our smartphones that even the thought that we might have misplaced it makes us anxious. We literally can’t let them go, study shows.

Facebook became the biggest world-wide broadcaster. Everyone can go live at any given chance and video has outperformed all types of content. This is a potential game-changer for how we consume media and reach out for audiences. See some examples here.



Google brings joy to the daily chores through illustration. The artwork designed by Owen Davey helps you schedule time for what matters in you life. Pretty cool, huh?

Welcome to Digital Pleasantville. Websites and apps are starting to look a lot like each other: big & bold headlines, universal icons and less color. And that is actually good news. Why? Well… it’s nice and cozy for your eyes 🙂

You already know that regular jobs with regular job descriptions are no longer a thing – particularly in industries like ours. Lately, a new breed has entered the digital savana: the full-stack UXer. What is this unicorn and how can you become one? Find out here.


Tell me how you react on social media and i’ll tell you who you are. Or… something like that. Check out this infographic on reply management and learn some tips for avoiding those awkward situations.

You read about millennials here, millennials there. Well, the Snapchat virus kicked in for the wiser demographics as well. So next time you see your mom using the app, don’t be surprised.


And last but not least, buyable Pins are now a thing. Pinterest is up and rising, coming up with better and more engaging features every other week. Check it out.


So how do you go about with your marketing strategy? This article by Harvard Business Review points out the differences between slow decision making and snap judgement. That is the a fine line that separates the good strategists from the bad.

Furthermore, after you figure out the best strategy, welcome your customers in the buying journey with interactive content. Study shows that it helps grab their attention more effectively than static content, it enhances retention of brand messaging and encourages multiple exposures. It sounds like it’s worth a shot, right?

That’s all for today. Have a fantastic week and live happily ever … connected! 🙂

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