Weekly digital bites, episode 8: news, trends & wisdom

July 19, 2016

Welcome to the weekly intergalactic tour on the Digital Planet! Our people are called Emoji and they are pleased to introduce you to our funny magical land. Enjoy it!


Can you imagine that while you’re reading this article, a cute little Pokemon is staying right behind you, waiting to play? 🙂 Maaaybe some of us just took it too far, quitting their jobs, others jumped into the game and now they just want to start over. But guess what? It is not that easy, say the trainers. Pay attention to the dark side of the Pokemon world!

And since we mentioned the dark side, it has been announced that in a galaxy far far away, on a distant planet named Magrathea …you can find our DNA. Since we can’t wait that long to see it, we have big news for those who are tired of spending too much time paying with money or credit cards: Barclaycard Loop has a new payment option and it’s awesome!


Fantastic art pieces are a matter of vision, but if you are a designer, you cannot underestimate the power of The Photoshop Brush. And now you have 15 new items waiting to be downloaded.

Remember those days when everyone owned a fancy website that was supposed to prove something important? Not anymore. Websites, clothes, interior design… everything is going minimal. See what’s new.

Too many notifications? Learn how you can design the perfect notification to improve user experience and usability in general.


Emoji, emoji everywhere! Did you know that there is even an Unicode Emoji Subcommittee out there, choosing wisely which emoji is the best for expressing gender equality? Discover the Emoji Changelog with 72 new items for Twitter.

Thinking about the next holiday? Google has just improved the Youtube Ad Experience that gives retailers more control of shopping ads.


Keywords are the keys to good SEO and with the right tools you can easily build a high page rank, coordinate a PPC campaign or even attract the target of your social media channels. See the other 9 alternatives for Google Keyword Planner.

Quizzes, badges, levelling are just some gamification techniques  that can improve your content strategy.  Check them out ;-).

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