Weekly digital bites, episode 9: news, trends & wisdom

July 25, 2016

You’re probably reading this while relaxing on the beach. If that is so, lucky you. Lay back, take a sip from your fruity cocktail and enjoy!


Check out this week’s roundup stats on digital marketing. Learn what’s the deal with cart abandonment rates, uses of Snapchat and Instagram, retail apps and more.

Pokemon go is still crazy and more and more people are using it. What can we learn from it to make users love our apps?


“Responsive design is now the industry standard for web design. But it wasn’t always that way.” Here’s a UX case study of the first responsive, mobile-first airline website.

The latest highlights in web development curated by the Smashing Magazine. Discover what’s hot in terms of tools and workflows, security and privacy features on the Web.

Unpaid pitching? How about no. Let’s stop devaluing the creative work. Read more on this topic here.




Facebook Messenger just reached another milestone – users every month, from all over the world. Find out more here.

How do you find your customers online? Here’s 3 step guide by Copy Blogger for turning Social media research into a piece of cake.

Why can’t you see results from Facebook ads? Discover which could be some of the problems you are dealing with and start fixing them.





Do words make us grow? We believe that they do. But the secret is to stay curious, have fun with them and write everyday. 🙂

Writers know this best : being succinct is ridiculously hard. Here’s a selection of memorable and catchy slogans and what we can learn from them.

Have a great week!

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