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January 13, 2017

2016 was a year full of changes and progress for the digital space. We’ve seen social media like Instagram rise, changes in AdWords, innovation in live streaming and an overall increased focus on creative content marketing. What should we expect from 2017? Discover in season 2 of Digital Bites:


New year, new resolutions to read more. Here’s a list of top 10 high-rated books on digital transformation that every IT aficionado and business leader should read.

Some marketing theories stay relevant for ages. The blue ocean strategy is one of them. Here’s an animated video from Harvard Business Review that showcases how to create uncontested market space and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

As you put together plans on where to focus your efforts in 2017, keep in mind these five marketing tactics (shared by Forbes). Test them if you want to take your strategy to the next level.


Launching a website is an exciting procedure. After all the creative and development work, the best feeling ever is to launch a flawless website. But let’s be honest : digital products are complicated. Even the most basic single-page website can involve thousands of lines of code. Here’s a pre and post – launch routine that will help you prevent problems.

But wait, there is more. Once there was a hope that design and code will merge and designers will be able to deliver it all. Apparently, we aren’t there yet but there is a serious number of tools to help us along the way. More about them here.



Facebook is responsible for the millions of stories that flow through their platform every second. This week, the social network made the next move to acknowledge that role : they announced the Facebook Journalism Project.

These project aims to forge closer relationships to publishers by collaborating on publishing tools and features before they are released. This way, Facebook wants to help the public find more reliable sources of information and fight the spread of deceitful information across their site. Pretty cool, huh? Find more information on this topic here and here.

With the launch of Instagram Stories, back in August last year, there have been more debates on the topic “Will Instagram kill off Snapchat”? There’s no way to find out at this point. But there are pros and cons to both platforms. Check them out in this infographic.


Self-editing is never easy. Here’s a list of worthless words to avoid in your everyday content. Besides those, keep in mind three basic rules in your writing : use action words, limit the use of adjectives and avoid idiomatic expressions.

Researching, creating, producing, promoting and distributing content is very time consuming. But, as usual, Content Marketing Institute is a life saviour. Check out this article on 10 ways to be more productive and save time.


“The majority of content marketers have no documented strategy”. That is wrong for a number of reasons (highlighted by Copyblogger). By putting together your content marketing strategy for 2017 ,“you’ll be far more likely to consider yourself effective at content marketing:”

  • You’ll feel significantly less challenged by every aspect of content marketing.
  • You’ll generally consider yourself more effective in your use of all content marketing tactics and social media channels.
  • You’ll be able to justify spending a higher percentage of your marketing budget on content marketing.

See you next week!

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