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January 26, 2017

Welcome to this week’s digital bites. Whether you are looking for new ways to improve yourself, your work or want to hear the latest buzz in the digital space, you came to the right place: 


According to global research from Canada Life Group Insurance, 50% of employees will be looking for a new job this year. If you are one of them here are top 3 tips from senior marketers: know the difference between a corporate and a regional role, stay curious about what’s next in digital and showcase your entrepreneurship spirit.

Which function of marketing is the most effective for your business? Digital marketing or PR? The answer is a balanced symbiosis between the two. To get the desired results, use PR as a launchpad for digital marketing. More on how to boost digital marketing with PR, here.


With American Super Bowl coming up, brands are teasing the audience with spectacular ads. This year, automotive industries are launching some game changing campaigns. Check them out and refresh the article, as it gets updated.


Awwwards just launched their web design trends and they are looking quite promising. Open-styled and “broken” compositions are more and more popular while the grid lost its importance and rules are being deliberately bent. Read about more trends here but be careful, as the new tendencies may not appeal to all customers.

In the run for more skills, techniques and tools we forget something fundamental that helps create outstanding UX design : the ability to listen. The foundation of great design doesn’t start on an art board; it starts with a problem that the customer has. Read about it and a special UX formula to use in your next projects.

The most ridiculed font of all times: Comic Sans. Ever thought how this font got to be so popular? The designer who invented it, Vincent Connare explains:



Tumblr is the latest platform to go down the Snapchat route by giving users playful customization options for visuals. Last week, the company announced it is introducing stickers and filters to its mobile apps that can be applied to both images and GIFs. Read more about it here.

Facebook Ads are going to drive more leads for businesses in 2017 than any other paid channel. With the right strategy and agility in execution, marketers will find massive opportunities to reach audiences. Find out more stats and reasons to invest in Facebook advertising this year.

And while you’re at it, here are 3 tips on how to better understand your Facebook audiences and advertising techniques you probably don’t know about.

In the meantime, new social media apps are born. Litsy is a social media app for literature enthusiasts, described as a place to ‘share and discover favourite books with your favourite people’. If you are a book worm you might want to look into it.


Effective content marketing is about mining and sharing stories that matter most to your brand’s core fans. It’s about being more human rather than relying on mechanisms that gather lots of data but offer little in terms of emotion. More on how to use conversation to engage your customers here.

There is no such thing as a fountain of successful copy. To be a resourceful content creator, you need to become a lifetime learner. More on how to develop a learning habit, in this article by HBR.

In the attempt of gaining the trust of prospective customers we often resort to simply telling them about our product’s features and benefits. While describing value might seem like the easiest way to communicate it, the simplest strategy isn’t always the most compelling one. Here are some alternative ways of communicating value.

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