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February 16, 2017

We’ve gone from mass messaging to strategically targeted tactics that enable us to connect with the right audience at the right time – making our efforts more effective and quantifiable. What’s not to love about digital marketing? 


Marketers love stories. That even goes unsaid. But as we tell those stories, we don’t always give much attention to creating new ones. This is where experiential marketing comes in : a mutually beneficial interaction between customer and brand in an authentically branded engagement. Here are some tips on how to implement it.

What is the best approach while seeking to reach a wider audience? Dumb down or smarten up your message? Weekly words of wisdom from Seth Godin, here.


Do you think love letters are out of fashion? Not if you write them in the right font! Learn about the psychology of fonts to better understand how they influence emotion and create the perfect outcome.

Declare love and appreciation to your tester day. That should definitely be a thing. Testing is the heart of creating a culture of growth ― a culture where everyone on your team is ready to gather and act on data to make the customer experience better day by day. More on what it takes to test a good website, here.


Say hello to the future of targeting and embrace the concept of an ’emotional target’. The LIKE button was always a symbol of support, and negative thoughts used to be expressed in the comment feeds, messages or maybe at all. But with the introduction of Facebook Reactions – Love, Sad, Wow, Angry and Laughing icons – users have new ways of expressing feelings for a piece of content. But how can measure and use this data? Find out here.

Love is in the air, it’s big business, and you should be definitely taking advantage of it in your social media communication. If you haven’t figured out yet what could work for your brand, explore this list of Valentine’s day contest ideas.


And while you’re at it with your Valentine’s declarations and methods of persuasion, read about how to stir some emotion in your audience and get them to do take action.

We’re constantly looking for brands that inspire us. And probably so are you. Here are 9 important lessons to learn from the biggest 9 brands in content marketing. Are you applying any of these things in your content marketing strategy?

Have a lovely week! 

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